Engraving offers endless possibilities and instantly creates sentimental value to your item. Engraving is a unique way to add a special touch to any engagement or wedding band purchase. Using the finest craftsmanship and latest technologies we can add your custom message either through our computerized laser engraving or by hand engraving.

Why Engrave With Us?

Custom Engraving is FREE and will not add any additional time to your handcrafted ring purchase. We can personalize engagement rings, wedding rings, or any of your fine jewelry with the gentle touch of engraving. Regardless of whether you say a lot or say a little, by having your item engraved, you are creating a unique gift for that special someone. Most rings can be engraved, and custom engraving is available in ALL FONTS, and MOST LANGUAGES, making it possible to not only leave a lasting impression, but also a lasting message with your gift. Please contact us when you place your order and inform us your favorite font. If we do not receive your font, we will use the default font or the best font for your jewelry.

Important Note: When considering your ring engraving, please be sure to consider the width of the band and how long your message will be. Should you be unsure of the with of your message, we would be happy to provide you with our expertise to be sure your message reads well once engraved inside your band.

Ring design and the diamond position affect placement of the engraving. Some rings may not be engraveable due to the style. Please keep in mind that we are limited by the width of the style, which may affect the readability of your message once engraved.

Engraving messages will be added on the product page before you add the product to cart or make the order. We will directly copy the message you leave to us to ensure that your personal message is accurate.Please note, rings with engraving are not eligible for return or exchange.

Designing Your Engraving for the Moment

Once you have chosen what you want to say, get your custom engraved ring now!