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About Grdeer

We're an online fine jewellery retailer based in the China, operating internationally. We offer luxury engagement rings, eternity and wedding bands, and bridal jewellery at extremely competitive prices. Each and every piece of our collection is sustainably and ethically sourced, ensuring that no person or community is harmed and no environmental damage caused whilst producing your stunning ring. Our extraordinary engagement rings & beautiful bridal jewellery are set with the world’s premium lab diamonds, moissanite and Chatham lab grown coloured gemstones.

We’re on a mission to bring a little bit of luxury to mindful and strong women around the world.

  • Brilliant, beautiful gemstones are at the heart of our brand. We work exclusively with premium moissanite and gemstones.
  • Our standards are high. We feature items of incredible quality and beauty at remarkable prices, allowing our customers to enjoy the jewelry they desire at exceptional values.
  • We pride ourselves on the fact that our stones are made, not mined. With limited environmental and ethical impact, our gems are the perfect for the conscious consumer.

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About Products

We use Lab-Grown Gemstones, Natural Gemstones, Mossanite Gemstones.

Moissanite, chemically known as Silicon Carbide, was first discovered within a 50,000 year old meteorite crater.

Extremely rare in nature, the majority of moissanite gemstones formed today are lab grown. It can take up to three months to develop a single moissanite gemstone, grown by imitating the conditions required for natural moissanites to form within a highly controlled laboratory setting. A diamond simulant, moissanite appears almost indistinguishable from diamonds, however, does not possess the same chemical or physical properties as its rival gemstone.

Moissanite is a unique gemstone, beholding its own distinctive properties that display unrivalled fire and brilliance, as well as exceptional durability, rating second only to diamonds on the Moh’s hardness scale. Moissanite offers cost savings compared to a diamond.

Lab created diamonds are identical to natural diamonds, displaying the exact physical, chemical and optical properties as those formed within the Earth’s crust to exhibit the same fire, brilliance and sparkle as mined diamonds. Therefore, it is impossible to distinguish between lab diamonds and natural diamonds with the naked eye. Man made diamonds are grown under controlled laboratory conditions, using cutting edge technology to replicate the natural conditions in which diamonds are formed within the Earth’s crust.

These highly controlled conditions mean that lad diamonds hold no impurities, flaws or defects which can be acquired during formation of natural diamonds, resulting in enhanced purity, brightness and whiteness compared to their mined equivalent. Lab grown diamonds provide a conflict free, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to natural diamonds. Each of our lab diamond engagement rings feature a guaranteed record of how and where each diamond is produced, offering full transparency and traceability for your peace of mind.

Yes! Just like Lab-Grown Diamonds, our gems are 100% real! We use REAL synthetic Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Alexandrites etc., that are chemically, physically and optically identical to earth-mined gemstones, but the best part is they are up to 90% less!

White gold and platinum are two of the most popular precious metals chosen for fine jewellery. Similar in colour, both make beautiful choices to enhance your gemstones dazzling sparkle, yet each offer individual benefits to their wearer.

18k white gold and platinum are suitable for everyday wear, however, platinum is incredibly durable with guaranteed longevity requiring minimal maintenance compared to white gold which needs replating every two to four years. This is due to the erosion of white gold’s plating through everyday wear and tear to reveal the natural yellow tones underneath, as pure gold is alloyed with other metals, such as silver and palladium, to increase its durability.

Platinum carries a lovely weight, slightly heavier than gold. However, white gold holds a lightness that can be viewed as more comfortable depending on the individual preferences of the wearer. Overall, platinum is often considered to be more luxurious than white gold, which when considered alongside its rarity, results in a higher price.

The difference between the two being that hearts & arrows cut contains 58 precisely cut facets which produce 8 arrows seen through the crown of the stone and 8 perfectly proportional hearts when viewed from underneath, which is a marker of a well cut diamond.

On the other hand, brilliant round stones are cut to maximise brilliance, fire and dazzling sparkle. Therefore, if you want your moissanite gemstone to resemble a diamond in sparkle and appearance, hearts and arrows cut is the ideal choice.

Your fine jewelry is both physically and emotionally precious, therefore requires the appropriate love and attention to maintain its beauty for the lifetime of its owner.

Read our ultimate guide for caring for your moissanite jewelry.

Engraving is a great way to personalize your wedding rings, so they aren't just wedding rings, they're your wedding rings. GRDEER offers free engraving service. You can leave your engraving text on product page.

GRDEER specializes in full custom design, and can create the jewelry piece you desire. For more details, please contact our Customer Service.

Our size is standard US size, you follow our ring size guide to measure your ring size at home.

Placing an Order

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GRDEER stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of our jewelry. We offer a free lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all GRDEER fine jewelry. If you believe your item has a manufacturing defect, you may return it to us for inspection. If we determine your merchandise is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair the merchandise or, if we deem appropriate, replace the item. If the item is no longer available, We may, in its discretion, replace with like-kind or allow a refund equal to the selling price of the original item or component.

Shipping & Delivery

For all orders with GRDEER, we ship using secure, non-descript packaging material. Inside, you'll see GRDEER's elegantly branded gift packaging - ideal for gifting or personal storage.

GRDEER customers get free, fast standard shipping on every order to most destinations worldwide! Expedited shipping methods can be purchased at checkout for an additional fee.

Delivery Time= Processing Time + Shipping Time.
In-Stock Jewelry - generally it will take 24-48 hours for us to process your order.
Made To Order Jewelry - please allow 5-7 days for production time. In special cases, based on order volume and the specifics of your jewelry, up to 1-2 weeks may be required, but it won't take more than 2 weeks. See product details lead times.

You can track your order by the tracking number and the shipping method in your Shipment Confirmation email.

No, the shipping fee is non refundable, unless we shipped an incorrect item or the item has a defect. Returns are accepted up to 30 days from the ship date.

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Return & Exchanges

Returns are allowed within 30 days from the purchase (shipment) date and exchanges within 60 days of the purchase (shipment) date for jewelry. You may return or exchange the item in its original. Returns or exchanges are not allowed on customized jewelry and engraved items. View ourReturn Policies.

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